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Call us for flea pest control in York There is a variety of fleas that we tend to see in the UK that include:

However, if you suspect you have a flea problem, it’s most likely to be a cat flea. At Yor-Pest Control we can provide a thorough inspection and treatment program that destroys the presence of the fleas. By using a water-soluble residual insecticide, it will work to kill the live fleas within a matter of hours, but it does require the flea eggs to hatch out before the life cycle is broken. Before we come to your home, we ask that you clean and clear as much of the property as possible so we can easily treat the area. 


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We also recommend that you treat your animals for fleas and clean any bedding/toys so that the fleas are removed. We also ask that you refrain from vacuuming for two weeks so the insecticide can do its job. Contact us today To talk to us about your flea infestation, give us a call on 07951 392 424 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you.

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