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Pest Control Rat Treatment

Rats are rodents that have been around for thousands of years, but today they are also known as the brown rat. They are small and light in weight, which makes them very hard to spot, especially when they are under your house or in the walls. They have large eyes, ears, and long tails that help them move easily through tight spaces. Rats can carry diseases such as typhus and diarrhoea; therefore, it is important to remove rats from your property as soon as possible since they could infect other people who come in contact with them. These are the most widespread rats in the UK. Rat infestations are one of the commonest problems faced by property owners today. These rodents can cause serious damage to properties, as well as being a health problem for people living in the area. If you see rats or mice in your home, then you may be entitled to compensation for the damage caused by these pests! Get in touch with us for rat control services in York.


Pest Control Of Rats (Brown or Sewer)

Rat control is primarily for the brown rat or sewer rat. These rodents are omnivores. The adult weighs up to 700 grams and has a total length, including the tail, of around 400mm. A brown rat can squeeze through a gap of only 25mm and often enters buildings via broken drains, hence the name sewer rat. This large rodent may also enter via damaged walls, subterranean conduits, broken vents, or holes around pipes. Brown rats are only pregnant for three weeks and can have six to ten babies in a litter resulting in a rat infestation building up very quickly. The gestation period for both rats and mice is only 21 days, and the female is able to conceive again immediately. It is, therefore, crucial to employ a professional rat control company to tackle your problem. If you have a mice infestation, see our mice pest control services page.

Pest Control Poison For Rats

The brown rat is wary of any changes to the environment, which is called neophobia. Successful rat treatments can therefore be difficult because the rodents may not eat the rat poison or enter a rat trap. Yor-Pest Control will offer the best advice for treatment around your property for rats, and we are rat exterminators.

Rat Extermination

Rat extermination is very important. An infestation of rats can result in considerable damage, such as gnawing through packaged goods and structures or even electrical wiring. Ensuring the safety of our food supply and preventing the transmission of diseases through rodent infestations is a crucial concern that should be on the minds of all individuals.

Rat Infestation Impact On Businesses

Businesses may be closed down by an Environmental Health Officer when evidence of pests is found. This is a serious matter; the business owners will be held responsible and fined. Weil’s disease is an infectious, sometimes fatal zoonotic disease caused by a bacterium known as Borrelia burgdorferi. It causes fever, headache and muscle aches, redness of the skin, confusion and other manifestations similar to those of malaria but usually more severe due to the fact that there is no acute infection. Black rats, via their fleas, were responsible for the plague. Rats are the carriers of disease, and they move from place to place through holes in walls or floors so they can get food and water. People have to worry about our environment and what we eat or drink, as this can affect us negatively.

Pest Control For Rats

Yor-Pest Control has different techniques for rat pest control treatments.

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