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Molehills not only look unsightly but can also pose a danger to humans by causing trips and falls. In the UK, there have been instances where individuals have won court cases against landowners who failed to address their mole problem. It’s crucial to remove moles to ensure the safety of your property and its visitors. Moles can travel under porches and crawl between walls and floors, making it difficult to pinpoint the damage they cause. You can prevent future damage by removing moles before they access these areas. Hiring a professional mole catcher is essential to demonstrate due diligence and avoid any injuries to yourself, customers, or guests. Moreover, mole removal is more cost-effective than attempting to control them on your own.


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Mole Control Price & Survey

We begin our pest control service with an initial inspection to determine the extent of the damage from the moles. We charge a set price for small gardens or small parcels of land. For a no-obligation quotation or a site visit, please do not hesitate to call 07951 392 424.

For more information about mole control, visit our dedicated mole site

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