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There are several methods of rabbit pest control. Some methods of rabbit control are generally not commercially viable and for recreation purposes only. These include ferreting and some shooting.

The Rabbit Pest Control Methods We Provide Are:

Unlike a rat infestation, it is rare for any pest control treatments to eradicate all the population. Treatments will generally control the population, not eradicate it. Yor-Pest Control has created a variety of efficient techniques that will enable us to get rid of your rabbit.


Rabbit Fencing

You only need wire mesh at least 6mm thick for ground-based fencing, such as a garden fence. A good level of protection can be achieved by using a double wire in the mesh. The more strands used in the mesh and the longer the strands are, the stronger it will be. If there is a need for higher levels of security, then consider a method called ‘electrified fencing. This uses electric current, which makes your rabbit stop running immediately when they come into contact with it. Rabbit-proof fencing is a simple, cost effective and easy method to protect your garden or yard. A rabbit-proof fence can be installed quickly and easily, with minimal effort on your part. Rabbit control services York is a highly specialized, professional and reliable pest control services company. We have the resources and experience to successfully solve your rabbit problem in York.


Gassing is the most cost effective method of rabbit pest control. You get more rabbits killed for your money with gassing.

Gassing is best done in the Winter when more rabbits have less cover to hide in (& so are more likely to be in the burrows) and the soil is damper (which is required for the release of the gas.)

Gassing will kill between 50-70% of the rabbits in the warren.

Where areas are not suitable for rabbit gassing, for example, if the warrens are not on the area infested then cage trapping is an option. It is important that the traps are checked once a day so that we can be called to despatch any rabbits caught.

A gas pellet is put down the burrow then the burrow is sealed. The gas is released and as the rabbits attempt to dig out they breathe in the gas and die.

The cost to gas (one application) up to 25 holes is £135 + VAT.

Rabbit shooting is best done at dusk and dawn, our team is expert rabbit shooters.

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