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Rat Control with Ratting Dogs

Yor-Pest Control is proud of its professional crew, which serves as our secret weapon in the fight against rats. Our exterminators are the most highly trained in the industry and understand how to catch rats, place the bait, and permanently eliminate infestations. Unlike other exterminators, they are not afraid to go where others will not, ensuring we can eliminate any rat infestation. However, we must look for alternative solutions because some rats have developed resistance to poison and traps. That is why we have introduced ratting dogs as a more natural but efficient pest control method. Dogs have an innate ability to hunt and, much like rodents, can be taught to follow and identify scents. This innate skill can be utilized as a remarkably efficient and compassionate method of managing infestations while simultaneously offering companionship.

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Methods of Treatment

If you want us to send a ratting dog to your home or business to catch rats, we’ll need to remove any other small animals from the area to avoid any accidents. Our dogs are well trained, but they might mistake cats, rabbits, or hamsters for rats they need to catch. We also don’t want to distract the dogs with tennis balls, so we’ll remove them too.

Our ratting dogs are trained to catch rats and they are very good at their job. They’re so focused on catching rats that they never show aggression towards other dogs. However, other dogs might get upset because our rat catchers are too busy with their work to pay attention to them. To prevent any conflicts, it’s important to keep other dogs away from our rat catchers while they’re working.

Once our dog successfully catches the rat, we’ll take the dead rodent outside and wait for the dog to calm down. Then we’ll return to the area to find the entry point where the rat got into the building. This gives us the opportunity to conduct a preliminary examination and provide you with some suggestions for rat management.

Benefits of Hiring a Rat-Catching Dog

Professional Rat Control Service:

We offer a service that is both speedy and highly successful in removing rats from your property.

Patch, our dog, has had significant training. When it comes to catching rats, it is unrivaled. Patch responds quickly to your problem by identifying and eliminating any rat that they come across using their keen sense of smell.

We always make it a point to eliminate every rat we come across to guarantee that they will not come back to your property to carry on breeding and cause you further issues.

Why Choose Yor-Pest Control to Get Rid of Ratting Dogs?

Compared to our dogs, we at Yor-Pest Control are not only experts at capturing rodents but also amateurs at killing them. Our service is one of the most humane ways to eradicate an infestation caused by rodents and mice that emerge from the toilet and gutters. In no time, Yor-Pest control eliminates them completely and thoroughly.

Benefits Of Booking Our Ratting Dogs Services:

Over the years in the pest control industry, we have learned how to handle rat infestations best. Because of this knowledge and experience, Yor-Pest Control has developed a number of effective methods that will help you get rid of your rats.

We use cutting-edge equipment and professional training to ensure that rodents are treated efficiently and safely. We’ve been doing this for years, so you can count on us to maintain your property pest-free. Do you require pest control to keep rats and mice at bay? We are here to safeguard your business or home against these unwelcome pests, so contact us immediately.

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