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Are you searching “insect removal near me?” Then look no further than us. At Yor-Pest Control we understand that the presence of insects such as ants can put a real dampener on your day. Whether they’re taking over in the garden or you can’t seem to stop them from coming into the house, we appreciate that their presence is unwanted. Whilst you may have tried your own methods, sometimes the best way to solve the problem is by calling in the professionals. When you call upon our team to take care of your ant problem, we will use our tried and tested methods to get to the source of the problem and remove the ants once and for all. We also assist with other insect removals such as fleasmoths and wasps. Whatever you need from the team at Yor-Pest Control, we’re certain that we have the most suitable solution. Not only are our team fully qualified to apply the correct removal methods, but we pride ourselves on offering a professional and affordable solution to your insect problem. To speak to us about our insect removal, get in touch today. Fill out the contact form or give us a call on 07951 392 424.


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