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Are you searching “wasp exterminator near me?” Then look no further than us. At Yor-Pest Control we understand that the mere sight or sound of a wasp can cause panic and fear, so we are here to ensure we remove any sign of an infestation so you can relax this summer. We offer three services when it comes to controlling wasps such as:

By having the help of our fully trained and experienced technicians, we can take care of the wasp infestation by performing an in depth survey. From there we can then apply the best method to ensure the wasps are removed so you have ultimate peace of mind.


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Let us help you today So, whether you’re facing a wasp infestation in your home or place of work, we are here to help. Fill out the contact form or give us a call on 07951 392 424 and we’ll book a time to come and see you.

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