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Talk to us about wasp nest removals in York Are you concerned about a wasp infestation in your garden? Do you have young children and you’re concerned they may get stung? Or perhaps you own a restaurant or pub and you have a wasp nest that is bothering your guests? Depending on the circumstances you’re in, fully trained technicians will start by performing a survey to get a good understanding of the situation. From there, we will then decide the best course of action to take. When dealing with wasps in York, we can offer three options: Pesticides– By using legally approved pesticides we can effectively remove wasps from your home or place of work. Wasp trap supply and service – Suitable for outside dining areas to help keep customers safe from wasp stings, we can safely trap and remove them. Removal of wasp nest– If an old wasps nest is causing you concern, we can safely remove it to prevent any further issues. Contact us about a wasp infestation today To talk to us about your concerns, give us a call on 07951 392 424 or fill out the contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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