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In moths control Wetherby services, Most species of moth are no more than a little annoyance if they make their way into our homes or business. There are however 3 species that can cause significant damage once inside. These are the Common Clothes Moth, the Case Bearing Clothes Moth, and the White-shouldered House Moth It is not the adult moths that cause damage. It is the larval stages of these insects that are the problem. The larvae will eat through almost any natural fiber including wool, cotton, silk, linen, fur, and feathers, and to this effect, they can infest almost any area of your home or business. Get in touch with us if you want expert moths control Wetherby services.


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Moths Control Service Wetherby

At Yor-Pest Control, we recognise how distressing having moths in your home can be. That’s why we are providing you the best moths control Wetherby services. Imagine finding holes in a carefully stored wedding dress or other items that hold high emotional value, some items really can not be replaced. We realise also that a moth problem in your business can have serious implications as moths can damage stock, textiles, and foodstuffs. We can help with moths control Wetherby services, get in touch today.

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