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Yor-Pest Control is your premier option for skilled Pest Control Selby services. Our goal is to provide the best services possible to prevent pests from attacking your home or place of business. Pests are swiftly and completely eliminated using cutting-edge equipment and highly qualified specialists, giving you peace of mind. You can count on us for all your Pest Control Selby requirements.


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Why Is Pest Control Important?

Pest control is crucial for a variety of reasons. Pest animals like mosquitoes and rodents are harmful to your health. They can induce allergies, contaminate food, and transmit illness. Pests can also cause extensive damage to your home and its contents. An infestation of pests can also cost you money and harm your company’s reputation, mainly if you operate in the hotel or food sector. Selby needs constant pest treatment to keep the environment clean and appealing.

Identifying Common Pests in Selby Homes

Like many other places, Selby is vulnerable to a variety of pests.
The most well-known are:

You can tell what kind of rat it is by its droppings, gnaw marks, and breeding materials. It is known that their front teeth are very sharp.

 They are tiny, reddish-brown bugs that feed on human blood and live in mattresses, bed frames, and furniture.

They are known for being very persistent. They have an oval shape and long legs and move quickly.

These bugs are easy to spot because they have black and yellow lines on their bodies. They can be annoying, especially in the summer.

They are tiny insects that usually live in groups and can be found in bathrooms, kitchens, and parks.

Selby's Legal Guide to Pest Control

Like everywhere else in the UK, Selby has rules and laws about getting rid of pests. These rules are meant to ensure that Pest Control Selby methods are used safely and reasonably. For example, certain species are protected by the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981, while the Control of Pesticides Regulations 1986 govern the use of pesticides. Hiring a professional pest removal company Selby that follows these rules is the only way to ensure that pest control methods are safe and legal.

Get Rid of Pests with Yor-Pest Control

Yor-Pest Control takes great pride in being committed to offering the best Pest Control Selby services out there. Regardless of the size of the pest issue, our team of experts is prepared to handle it. We use safe, efficient methods to eradicate and stop pests from returning. You can rely on Yor-Pest Control to provide the finest solution whether you have a problem with bugs, rodents, or any other pest. Contact us now for a pest-free tomorrow!

Our Services

Services We Provide


As wingless insects, fleas fall under the category of external parasites. Their jaws are designed to pierce the skin and take blood from the target. If you have a suspected problem with fleas, they will probably be cat fleas. Do contact our experts for Fleas control Selby.


Wasps can cause significant distress. Yor-Pest Control provides the following professional wasp’s control services Selby: • Treatment of wasp nests. • Wasp nest removal. • Wasp trap supply and service


Squirrel Control is not only an important part of a healthy and safer living environment but also as a damage limitation to buildings, both internal and external. Do contact us for the best and reliable squirrels control services Selby.


At Yor-Pest Control, we recognise how distressing having moths in your home can be. Imagine finding holes in a carefully stored wedding dress or other items that hold high emotional value. Some things really can not be replaced. We can help with pest control moth services.


Sterile, wingless female ants, also known as workers, build nests, nurse the young, and search and gather food. Reproduction is performed by fertile females known as Queen ants, and the males are responsible for the fertilisation of the Queens. Get in touch with us for the best Ants control services Selby.


Moles destroy plants, grass, and vegetables in gardens, lawns, and farms. Their tunnels can destabilise soil, harming plant roots and endangering cattle and machinery. Thus, mole control is crucial for property protection and environmental health. Contact us today to know more about our mole control services Selby.


A rat control treatment involves dealing with rodents known as the brown rat, sewer rat, or Norway rat. These are the most widespread rats in Selby. Rat control needs to be undertaken by a property owner by law. Get in touch with us for rat control services Selby.
Effective Protection

Steps Included In Commercial Pest Control Services


Our pest controller will check out your residential property to know what pests are in the house. This will help us to choose the effective and fastest treatment.


With the help of advanced treatments, we can finish every insect at your home. We provide emergency treatment and same-day services after knowing the pest type.


Observation is an essential step in Pest Control Selby. Our best services include three visits: two follow-ups and one significant visit. Get in touch today.


At last, our experts will provide you with the report. We will close all the entry points in our final touch so that no pest may enter your house.

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